“Spoofing” Calls

Family & Friends:
It has been brought to our attention that several of you have received "spoofing" calls. These calls will appear to come from Crowell Home's phone number but they are NOT from us. If you receive a suspicious call which appears to be from Crowell, ask to call the caller back, hang up and call Crowell directly. This will allow you to be certain you are speaking directly to a Crowell staff member.
What might make a call suspicious?
* The caller is asking for personal or financial data to be given to them (date of birth, SSN, bank info, etc).
* The caller is not someone you are familiar with.
* The caller does not seem to know information about you or
your loved one that they SHOULD know.
We make every attempt to collect the needed data at admission. We have a stable staff & most of the people who would call, you will be familiar with, IF IN DOUBT- Hang up & call us back. We understand & agree it is best to keep your loved ones private and personal information secure.
We have spoken with our phone service provider. There is not much else we can do. Please advise us (via email ebruner@crowellhome.com or phone at 402-426-2177 ext 101) if you receive any such calls.
Thank you so much!
Erica Bruner