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FORE!!!!!! Annual Golf Tourney Prep Gaining “Steam”

3.8 Million Served.

No, this isn't a McDonald's ad.

That is how many meals are estimated to have been served from Crowell Home's current  steam table during it's 35 years of continuous service.  That's enough meals to serve 3,470 people breakfast, lunch & dinner every day for a year.   That's a lot of food!

September 16th, 2016 is Crowell Memorial Home's 15th Annual Golf Tournament.  This annual event provides much needed support to CMH and over the years has allowed for upgrades to furnishings and the facility.    The continued support of the community is the reason our resident's can be proud to call Crowell their home.

I recently spoke with tournament organizers, Linda Howland & Lois Goodwin, they said there is still time to reserve spot for your team, "The tournament is held at River Wilds Golf Club in Blair on Friday, September 16th," Linda said, "Registration will be at 11 a.m. followed by lunch and a 12:30 p.m. shotgun start.  After your round of golf, refreshments will be served and door and flight prizes awarded.  Anyone interested in playing can call me at (402)426-2177."

Those wishing to play in the tournament can become Hole Sponsors or play as a regular team. Options and pricing are listed below:

For their generous $500 contribution Hole Sponsors receive:

  • Golf and cart for four golfers
  • Sign recognition on a hole
  • Lunch and awards/prizes
  • After-golf goodies

A Team of Contribution of $300 entitles you to:

  • Golf and cart for four golfers
  • Lunch and awards/prizes
  • After-golf goodies
  • Team may pay as a group or as individuals ($75/each)

Additional Buy-ins/Specials:

  • $20 = Team Mulligans
  •  $ 5  = Golfer Mulligan
  • $ 5 = Move-up on Lucky #13
  • $5/ticket or $10/3 tickets = Split the Pot
  •  Putting Contest-$5 per golfer or the Whole Team putts for $10!*

*The Putting Contest will be sponsored by Country Tire.  Winner will receive 3 years of oil changes for their household!.  What a generous prize!  Makes me wish I could putt!

We hope you will consider coming out & joining us for a wonderful day of golf!  It's a great chance to become a bigger part of the Crowell Home community.  We appreciate all of the support from our families, friends, community, churches and businesses.

Golf Poster - Join Us    <----- Click on this link to visit the poster

Clothing on A Mission
Today the Friends, Family & Residents of Crowell made a HUGE difference in the lives of a bunch of strangers and they don't even know it yet!
Throughout the year, clothing items are donated to Crowell Home. Some of these items find homes with those in need right away. Others are held over for the "Clothing Boutique." This is a fun 'Shop til you drop" event where residents are able to 'shop' through donated items and pick out things they would like for themselves. Staff assist those in need of assistance. In the end, anyone with a need, or a desire for clothing- get clothing!
Most years, we have a surplus. This year's surplus FILLED my jeep (leaving just my seat empty)! The recipient of this year's clothing will be the resident's and other beneficiaries of the Open Door Mission. The Open Door Mission has been working to help end poverty and homelessness for 60 years and we are so honored to be able to lend a hand to their ministry.
Through all your kind donations of clothing, not only were seniors here at CMH's needs met, but the needs of those at the Open Door Mission can be met as well. Who knows? Maybe that outfit you gave will be the outfit a proud young man wears for the job interview that gets him & his young family back on their feet? Or the coat you didn't wear any more will be the one keeping someone warm this winter? You just never know where your blessings are going to land when you send them out there. Thank you to our Crowell Family & Friends for your generosity, we couldn't do it without you! #OpenDoorMission #CrowellMemorialHome

Crowell Assisted Living recently had to say goodbye to a wonderful couple in July as Irma & Everett Holstein moved to Omaha.   They were a lively addition to our assisted living community and will be greatly missed.

13782097_10101309798750233_1739065503938966453_n (1)

13686519_10101309798710313_8914232759350587804_nWe were so blessed when they surprised staff with a spectacular feast on Wednesday last week.   Catered by Sam & Louie's in Blair, the luncheon included salad, pasta (the manicoti was AMAZING!!!), pizza, stromboli and dessert.    Everything was delicious!   Thank you to the Holsteins for this wonderful gift of appreciation.  You both are already missed!  We wish you the best for a bright and happy future.  Thank you for allowing Crowell home to be party of your care. For all of us, you will always be part of the Crowell home family!