Monthly Archives: August 2016

FORE!!!!!! Annual Golf Tourney Prep Gaining “Steam”

3.8 Million Served. No, this isn't a McDonald's ad. That is how many meals are estimated to have been served from Crowell Home's current  steam table during it's 35 years of continuous service.  That's enough meals to serve 3,470 people breakfast, lunch & dinner every day for a year.   That's a lot of food! September…
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Clothing on A Mission

Today the Friends, Family & Residents of Crowell made a HUGE difference in the lives of a bunch of strangers and they don't even know it yet!   Throughout the year, clothing items are donated to Crowell Home. Some of these items find homes with those in need right away. Others are held over for…
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Crowell Assisted Living recently had to say goodbye to a wonderful couple in July as Irma & Everett Holstein moved to Omaha.   They were a lively addition to our assisted living community and will be greatly missed. We were so blessed when they surprised staff with a spectacular feast on Wednesday last week.  …
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