“I remember visiting the old Crowell Mansion years ago. Our church choir would go at Christmas time and sing to the residents.  My Mother and great aunt were residents at Crowell Home.  It is a lovely facility.  I would be happy at Crowell Home if and when the time presents itself. Crowell has a good group of caring people working there, including a good director and board.

Jane said, “Crowell Home is a wonderful facility!  The Directors of Crowell have always had a good plan for Crowell and its development into the future.  Their fund raising process helps improve and develop Crowell as it grows and serves their residents and the community.”

Hugh & Jane Hunt,

My dad was at Crowell for over a year. The surroundings were very positive and he was in a private room. My mom is now receiving therapy at Crowell Home. We also had two grandmothers at Crowell and a Mother-in-law. Crowell Home is run effectively.

Steve Peck, Steve served two, six-year terms on the Board of Directors and was President the last three years. He also served on the Foundation Board.

Crowell Home has good support after the passing away of a loved one with Rev. Bob Meaner. It is a positive feature for a facility to have a Chaplain. Families will also find that Crowell has a good Activities Department for their parent’s enjoyment.

Nancy Williby, Nancy’s husband, Ron Williby, served on the Board of Directors for Crowell Home.